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The Adventure Begins Here...

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Zabiti: An Immersive Cirque Adventure

This original choose-your-own-adventure style production invites you to step into a cursed forest. Trees respond to your touch, ponds reveal deep dark secrets, and live musicians serenade you as aerialists spin in the air, contortionists bend in mysterious ways, and acrobats toss each other above your head.

There is a story afoot, one of a dark curse - will you simply watch it unfold, will you help to break it, or will you join with those that wish for it to remain?

The fate of the forest is in your hands… step right up, now you’re part of the show!

Scroll down to learn more about this magical world.

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We've been waiting for you...

Welcome to the cursed forest.

It wasn’t always like this, it was once bright and full of magic. Not so long ago, the youngest daughter of the Forest Spirit opened a mysterious box and a dark curse was released.

There she stands, trapped in stone, a reminder that in this new reality, chaos reigns, magic fades and gloom prevails.

All hope is not lost, however, for two heroines have gathered together a rag-tag group of misfits to fight the encroaching darkness, but beware, for there are those who wish for the curse to remain.


Who will you become?

In this circus adventure, you choose your own path.

Will you aid the heroines in their journey to free the forest? Will you join with the baddies in their quest for chaos? Or will you sit by the pond and commune with the spirits as this world unfolds before you?

Surrounded by all original live music, gravity defying feats of circus brilliance and interactive projections, every corner of our world will astound you with its magic.


The World

The first stop on your journey will be the Travellers Circus. A small run-down venue showcasing the best of Denver's circus talent. From there, you will step into our magical world - if you dare. Who knows what you may encounter.. you may journey to the bottom of a pond where a lonely spirit resides, or soar into the treetops where only the giants dare go. Created by the talented Tom Varani and Andrea Pliner, this incredible world will make you feel as if you're stepping straight into a pop-up book.

The Venue

This stunning production will take place at the Denver Rock Drill. This beautiful sprawling building is the perfect setting for the portal to a magical world to pop up.

Do you dare join us on this journey?

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The Characters

Step into our world and meet the denizens of this fantastical land. A human and a wolf have put together a resistance force consisting of a slightly off-balance lynx, a scatterbrained tinker with ADD, a blind witch, a ferret and a giant who sometimes thinks he is a houseplant.

But beware, for the leader of the baddies won't let her get away with trying to break the curse. Wander a little deeper into our woods and you may stumble across a heartless poet, a talking fish, or even a mixed up water spirit who might confuse you for someone else.


In the Air and On the Ground... Circus All Around.

This stunning tale will be told both on the ground and in the air as circus elements by Rainbow Militia surround you.

Featuring aerial artists on silks, lyra, rope, chains and more next to ground movement artists dancing, contorting, acrobatting and moving on globes, this not-so-enchanted land is sure to blow your mind.


All New, Live Music

Kevin Larkin and David Rynhart of Denver's Chimney Choir will be writing a brand new soundtrack for this amazing experience. Not only will they and a few other surprise musicians be creating this musical soundscape just for your ears, but they will be playing it live, dressed as characters within the world.

You're in for a truly aural treat when you step into our forest.


Using Art to Create Change.

The animals within our forest are varied and diverse. Step into our realm and you will rub elbows with some of Colorado's most endangered and imperiled creatures. From the gray wolf who is writing a comprehensive guide to the cursed forest, to the lynx who has lost her sense of balance, to the boreal toad who is playing banjo in the corner - talking animals abound.

You won't get a lecture, but you may just learn a thing or two about a few of the creatures who need your help both in and out of our magical world.